Security Policy

We encourage our potential business partners not to hesitate to contact us with their issues.
In order to maintain the quality of our services, we are forced to restrict the number of clients that we deal with due to our limited resources. Also, there maybe cases where we are not able to engage in business with you due to the fact that we are already engaged in business with a client from the same sector as yourselves.
When you contact us, we ask that you kindly fill in the relevant information into the “Contact Form,” and also read and understand our “Privacy Policy,” both which are located below.

Privacy Policy

OPTY ECO Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Company”) stipulates its treatment of personal information as follows.
The Privacy Policy elaborates on the acquisition, use, and management of personal information.  It is important that you understand this when you utilize the services of the Company.

【Acquisition of Personal Information】
During the process of providing our services to our clients, the Company may be in a position to acquire personal information regarding our clients. “Personal information” in this document is defined as “information which can lead to a particular person, such as his/her name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.”

【Use of Personal Information】
Personal information which is acquired in the course of providing services by the Company will be used for the following objectives:

  • 1.To provide services in order to fulfil the needs of our client;
  • 2.For marketing with the intention of improving the services provided by the Company;
  • 3.To confirm the identity of the person to whom documents are sent.

【Safety Management of Personal Information】
The Company will manage the personal information of our clients in accordance with the Company procedure for the safekeeping of personal information, so that the information will be managed in accordance with strict safekeeping standards.

【Prohibition of Providing Personal Information to Third Parties】
Providing personal information to Third Parties is prohibited. However, there may be cases which relevant information is required to be provided to Third Parties in accordance with Japanese law (Act on the Protection of Personal Information Article 23-1).

【Inquiries regarding Personal Information】
All inquires regarding personal information issues should be directed to Riichi Shimazaki (

【Revisions and Reviews】
This Policy will be reviewed on an appropriate basis, such as the time when the relevant laws are revised.